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Huffington Post

A Place of Absence...

by Sifu Karl Romain, Contributor, Co-authored by Jacqui Phillips

What if you didn’t know where your son or daughter was?  What if they vanished without a trace?  This is the case for the “Caravan of Mothers of Disappeared Migrants”.  Meet Marialuisa Ernst whose film, A Place of Absence follows these women who are searching to find their missing sons and daughters who have disappeared literally into thin air. 

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Filmmaker magazine

A Place of Absence follows the director’s journey with the Caravan of Mothers of Missing Migrants, Central American women desperately searching for sons and daughters who vanished en route to the U.S. to better understand her mother’s emotional turmoil in the aftermath of her uncle’s disappearance during Argentina’s “Dirty War.” Marialuisa Ernst (Director, Writer, Producer),


Bird Magazine

Personal loss opened the door for filmmaker Marialuisa Ernst to share the stories of other families whose loved ones have been “disappeared” throughout Latin America. As an immigrant, mother, and artist, Marialuisa talks about her long journey—both literal and spiritual—to make her upcoming documentary, A Place of Absence

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We are moving stories

 A Place of Absence

by Carmela Baranowska

A PLACE OF ABSENCE is a documentary that follows an organization of brave Central American women, who yearly embark on an epic bus journey through Mexico in a desperate search for their sons and daughters who disappeared on the grim journey to the United States.

Interview with Writer/Director/Producer Marialuisa Ernst


Bonhomia - WOx radio

El lugar de la Ausencia, un documental de Marialuisa Ernst

Marialuisa was on interview with the Argentinean radio Bonhomia, she talked about the film and her experience during this 5 years working in her personal story and with the Caravan of the Mothers.

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Interview with Marialuisa Ernst

by Sifu Romain and Jacqui Phillips

Radio interview Marialuisa a filmmaker who's film "A Place of Absence will shed light on the other face of the migrant; that of their mother whose tireless quest will go with no stone unturned, no door un-knocked and no matter how much time it takes they will continue the search until they bring their babies home dead or alive.