A Place of Absence

When you don't know if your loved one is dead or alive you are in a state of frozen grief.

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The ambiguous loss

A Place of Absence is a hybrid documentary that combines elements of cinema verite, personal essay and more lyrical performance sequences in an exploration of “frozen sadness,” a form of unresolved grief that haunts those whose loved ones have “disappeared”.  The film’s narrative follows director Marialuisa’s unfolding personal search to find meaning and connection with a group of Central American women desperately searching for their sons and daughters who vanished en route to the U.S. by drawing parallels with her own family’s emotional turmoil in the aftermath of her uncle’s disappearance during Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’. 

  GUADALUPE   Whose son remains missing after being ransomed by a cartel two years earlier



With your help we can finish the film.

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Everything  will go towards the cost of finishing production. We have already filmed most of our story, but still need to travel to El Salvador and Honduras to finish the last leg of production, and see the stories of our main characters through,Leticia, Guadalupe and Anita.